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What is the PinZonie?

January 11, 2012

PinZonie With 28mm

The PinZonie is a modern interpretation of  historic imaging solutions: the Pinhole and Zone Plate. An exciting collaborative project between Matt Abelson of Abelson Scope Works and New Media Artist Stephen Schaub. The PinZonie will fit all Leica M Mount Cameras- in all this new system will fit over 33 different cameras! The PinZonie System is an open design: each aperture (2 on the 28mm example above and 4 on the other focal lengths) can be changed at any time from a pinhole of different sizes— to affect image quality— to zone plate, photon sieve or a slit.

PinZonie Focal Lengths

The PinZonie is a one of one production and is used exclusively by New Media Artist Stephen Schaub along with the Cuboid Selectascope aslo produced by Matt Abelson of Abelson Scope Works for the creation of Schaub’s artworks.

The Cuboid Selectascope


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